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18th January 2018

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2017 would appear as something of a slow year when you view my output (just one new release all year*). In reality I spent most of it giving priority to other important aspects of my life; it was a journey that took me sailing through the Carribean, exploring a little bit more of Europe and ending with a plan to move abroad from my native UK for a while.

Curaçao, Dutch Carribean: Tell this guy where you're from and for a dollar he will freestyle a song about you. (It was rubbish, if you're wondering).

Starting this year, my girlfriend and I will be heading to South East Asia with the intention to travel to surrounding locations during our stay. Hopefully this means we will end up visiting Japan which has been on my bucket list since childhood! But on a grander scale, it will also allow me to truly devote myself to something I feel like I was born to do.

Making games has always been my sole focus; it is something I have done almost every single day for at least the past 15-ish years. One of my biggest self-realizations last year was that I NEED to make games. I can't NOT do it. Along with making music, it is a major part of what makes me tick creatively.

The office view at Christmas time, replete with warming beverages and snowy outdoors!

I have been making games full time since 2009. 2017 was almost like a break I needed to take to de-pressurize. For this next chapter in my life, I will once again be fully dedicated to making games through both love and neccessity, with renewed vigour. This year will see me step into HTML5 as I continue to explore the web-games space with new and original ideas, as well as working in the background on larger projects - primarily titles I think are large enough to warrant pursuing a release on Steam. I also have a mobile game in the works which I think has great potential.

I plan to release semi-regular articles on this blog (pretty much whenever I feel like posting something!), including looking back at old games, my evolution as a designer and an artist, and maybe just random things; perhaps even writing about some documentaries I've watched recently!

Either way, I can' t wait to share new stuff with you and if you want to just chat, ask for tips and advice, or any other random thing, be sure to get in touch or leave a comment below!



*The solitary release I mentioned at the start of this post - Revenge of the Kid - is included in my 'Skeleton Key' collection; an anthology of my recent games put together to celebrate Flash as it begins to transition out of favour. From here on, HTML5 will be my primary method of delivering web games!