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Danish Goel

Hailing from colourful India, Danish and I first began working together in 2013 (it feels like we've known each other a lifetime!) on "Age Of Wonder". Danish's mathematical approach to level design and balancing linked perfectly with my desire to develop increasingly polished games; it was this shared understanding that eventually brought us to the attention of Cartoon Network who asked us to make a game based on one of their hit TV shows.

Projects: Age Of Wonder, Age Of Wonder:The Lost Scrolls, Bobby Da Arrow, Gumball: Water Sons, Revenge Of The Kid



Peter Kohlberger

Peter and I first began working with each other after I needed a programmer for 'Wolfgang Fights The Future'. He jumped in and saved the day, rescuing a game I was worried would just end up being buried as another unfinished project. It has it's flaws, but it stands as one of my favourite games I've worked on. We are currently working on an HTML5 RPG with old-school elements.

Projects: Wolfgang Fights The Future, Knight Slider, Welcome To Winkletown, CLONESPACE



Wayne Marsh

I will forever be grateful to Wayne for working with me on the original 'Bazooki' in 2009; I had only recently started to work on the art for Flash games and was still drawing and animating everything with a tiny laptop mouse. Although he was very easy going, I recognised Wayne's ability was lightyears ahead of mine, and being able to deliver assets for new games that were deserving of his time was a main driving force for me to improve my work. I got a Wacom tablet and we made Slay With Santa together in 2012, which was a huge leap forward for me artistically. 2014's 'Once Upon A Life' is a milestone game for me which I am proud to have worked on with my fellow countryman.

Projects: Bazooki, Bazooki: A Silent Affair, The Great Bazooki, Bazookipocalypse, Slay With Santa, Once Upon A Life, Flappy Turd, The Gun Game: Redux



Wayne Marsh

Finding David's voice acting demo reel on Newgrounds was one of the best things I could have done; while toying with the idea of adding professional voice acting to my games (which has now become a staple of the process), and in need of someone diverse enough to provide the voice of senior citizen Harry in 'Once Upon A Life', David's work shone out instantly and I got in touch. We've developed a nice friendship since 'Once Upon A Life' was released and he has become my go-to guy for top class voice work.

Projects: Age Of Wonder, Age Of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls, Bobby Da Arrow, Bazookipocalypse, Once Upon A Life, The Gun Game: Redux, Bubbleboy, Welcome To Winkletown, Hero Agency