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Hi! My name is Chaz and this is my website.

I am an independent game designer from the UK; I mostly do the art, animation and writing for my games, but sometimes I'll write and record the music and sometimes even code the games myself.

I have been designing for over a decade now, and have collected my favourite games from the past 5 years in The Skeleton Key Anthology which is available here!

If you're interested in game design at all or just fancy a chat, head on over to my Facebook page, drop a like and send me a message! I always love to hear from people who are interested in - or who have enjoyed - my games!


I am generally available for commissions of varying sizes, so if you're anything from a Youtuber looking for a caricature or logo, or a larger company looking for an app or game to promote your brand, get in touch via the email icon at the bottom of this page!

A note to webmasters; all my web games are available on non-exclusive licenses. Please get in touch to discuss requirements.